Adding a Team to your template save your valuable time

Our Highly experienced team can easily change a template into an efficient conversion machine. Our expert touch will buck up the template to give you the maximum sales,conversion and traffic. We will work according to your goals and mission and create a highly effective site. Refresh your site using the following steps.

1. Select

2. Purchase

3. Customize

4. Launch

Here is how your redesigned website will look like in different devices


1. Select Template

First, select one of our awesome template pack to redesign your site. You have many different type of templates available to choose from. Select a template that suits your needs and goals. Your redesigned site will look like this template.

2. Purchase

Purchase your selected template from Hubspot marketplace. The total redesigning cost includes the template cost. You need to pay the remaining cost only after the successful completion of your new website. All our templates have following common specialties.

  • Fully Responsive
  • Theme color
  • Easy to customize
  • 24x7 Support
  • No Coding required
  • Font awesome icons
  • Google Map

3. Customize

This is the customization step of your selected template according to your company theme color, mission and vision.If you need any custom pages we will also create in this step as per your requirements.We will migrate your content to new website in this stage.

Our team will contact you for these customization details.

4. Launch

Now your website is ready to launch. We will cross check everything and make it SEO Optimized. We will complete the website within 2 weeks and you will get more conversions and sales from this final step..

Enjoy your new website.. !


Benefits of Template + Team

Our templates are easy to customize. So, refreshing your site could be done in no time. We always aim to provide top quality websites within your budget and time. We have a topnotch tech team to work for you to provide outstanding website experience.
We guarantee a website experience like no other. Our brilliant and highly experienced HubSpot certified team will make sure that you get maximum result and conversion.
Our templates are efficiently inbound oriented. They are prepared, keeping your prospects' buying process in mind. They are articulate, elegant and enticing. Our tech whizzes put their heads together to make the inbound strategies for your site, that is more effective for your goals and vision.
We will be around even after the completion and launching of your site. We provide 24x7 support for up to 6 months*


How much does it cost?

It would be around $1250 including the cost of the template. (If you need custom pages, cost may vary)

How much time you need to finish site ?

It will take only 2 weeks to complete your site.

How is your support ?

We will provide you 24 x 7 Support. We will give you 1 year FREE support with this service. No Extra cost.

How do you customize the pack which i bought ?

After template pack purchase, please add us to your portal as design manager. Then we will customize it for you.

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