Why Marketing Automation is Essential to Your Business Growth

Marketing Automation

For a growing company, Marketing Automation is considered as the best friend. This is because of its ability to handle smaller, more menial tasks automatically; thus it saves you a lot of time. This freed-up time can be used effectively by the team for pursuing bigger and more ambitious activities. Eventually, by helping you to allocate more person-hours to value-add functions it helps you in saving money. For fast growing companies, automation provides the tools to keep up, but it can seem like a daunting task how-to-get-there.

Any successful owner, founder, or CEO knows you have to plan for growth. That plan should include finding the right technology that can scale with your business — and automation must be integral to that plan. 

Here we are discussing a few ways in which automation can help you in accelerating the growth of your business.


Find the best leads with marketing automation.


The first and foremost goal of a marketing department is as simple as Keeping the pipeline stocked with high-quality leads for sales. The only way to reach there is through automation. All you have to do is just to create an offer. Then, the automation features help you in building out landing pages and forms, run targeted email campaigns, and to integrate your social channels.

Now you’ve personalized the buyer’s experience with minimal effort, from start to finish, and your message reaches the right people at the right time.

Marketing automation helps you stay top-of-mind with prospects, re-engage with cold leads, and give sales greater insight into prospect activities. Boom: Just like that, the funnel’s filled.

With Pardot, Alltrust Insurance was able to revive its cold leads. The small boutique agency was having a huge list of emails but was lacking a strategy to target leads, before implementing a marketing automation platform.


Within their first email campaign built in Pardot, they booked 20 new appointments, improved client acquisition by 20% and revived 12 new opportunities from cold leads, including a $500,000 deal! 


The integration of marketing (in general) into the organization helped them in growing from $4M to $12M in revenue within four years!


Win more deals with automated sales workflows.

Answering emails, building reports, attending meetings, chasing down approvals, making calls, and following up with leads etc. are typically involved in ‘a day in the life of a salesperson’. These repetitive tasks also demand significant amount of time despite allowing the business to operate successfully. In fact, most salespeople spend just 34% of their time selling.

A CRM system can help you by automating processes like creating quotes, updating opportunities, assigning leads, capturing data, gathering signatures, and building reports. This simple step frees your salespeople and helps them to focus on revenue-generating activities… like closing more deals.


Keep customers happy with automatic service routing.

A few things in business are as important as keeping your customers happy. Automatically routing cases without manual intervention to the right people are provided by the features in customer service solutions. That way, the highest priority cases go to your first available agents.

In order to assign a case automatically to either the agent that opens the case or the agent that first replies, just create a rule and this will help you in ensuring an efficient and consistent customer experience with the agent that best knows the situation at hand. You can also use routing rules to route cases that are escalated to specific queues.


Procter Gallagher had the foresight to adopt a complete customer service platform.  Choosing Salesforce for their sales, service and marketing allowed them to clean up their processes and get better visibility into each team. Prior to Service Cloud, the company had 200 to 300 open cases in the queue at any given time.

Now, their customer service agents are now able to get their queues down to zero at the end of each day. Not only are all of their tickets resolved within 24 hours, but also the company boasts a CSAT of 9.8!



Make automation your company’s best friend.

Everything, right from dinner reservations to airline check-in is automated these days— and for good reason. For businesses and consumers alike, automation makes things simple and efficient. And all you have to do is Just to bring in the same benefits to your business functions and watch the needle move.

Every department - from sales, marketing, and customer service to inventory, finance and HR - can benefit from automated processes and workflows.